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Legal Advice

We offer the following legal services:

Civil Law

Legal services in all areas of civil law: property, renting, property rights, family law, inheritance, civil hiring.

Law of Real Property and Building

Legal advice on real estate development and management, especially on business related to real estate investments in Spain. Hiring related to building: work contracts, plans and costings contracts and after-sales service contracts.

Urban Development Law

Legal advice on all sorts of questions regarding urban development law. Intervention in all sorts of actions of urban distribution, planning, discipline, execution, and development by means of advising those involved in administration as well as those interested in these procedures, making securing and legal procedures for licences and permissions easier, and defending the rights and interests of our clients.

Criminal Law

Advice, defence, and claims in matters related to economic and company criminal law (fraud, social offences, environmental offences, offences against the Treasury, offences against intellectual and industrial property) and offences and minor offences related to individuals.

Legal Proceedings

Defence of clients’ interests in civil procedures held in all jurisdictions: Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Justice, High Courts of Justice, High Courts and Courts of Law.

Labour Law and Social Security

Advice and defence in all sorts of questions regarding labour law and social security in Social Jurisdiction, individual and collective conflicts and Labour Authority, Labour Force Adjustment Plans, collective bargaining, actions related to Work Inspection and all kinds of conduct in Labour Institutions (regional or state) and Social Security.

Administrative Law

Advice for securing all sorts of grants, licences and permissions in every branch of activity carried out by Government Administrative Offices, as well as advice on funding, organisation and creation of authorities, public enterprises and autonomous institutions, and preparation of regulations.

We also intervene in every kind of administrative procedure by bringing action and further advising where necessary.

General Advice for Companies

Constitution and legal development of companies. Advice for decision-making and management bodies. Preliminary research on specific subjects of activity. Legal advice on new plans, costings and initiatives. Legal relations for administration, mergers and purchases.

Electronic Trade and Electronic Signatures

Advice on legal questions derived from business operations made by electronic trade and advice on the legal regulations of the electronic signature use.

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