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Ex-pats Services

Paperwork in Spain is both daunting and abundant compared to other countries and there is definitely a different approach to customer service due to the way the state is run: You will not find much assistance in navigating around the process, which involves visiting several offices in a specific order, possibly even in a different town, and very few English speaking administrators; it is taken for granted you will seek a gestor to help you if need be.

Here’s a summary of some of the essential documents you will need to live in Spain:

  • Relocation assistance and advice
  • Application for NIE and Residency/Empadronamiento
  • Registering with doctors and schools
  • Guidance on tax issues, inheritance tax, double colum wills
  • Vehicle transfers, import/export, payment of traffic related fines and costs
  • Translation services
  • Bank accounts & mortgages
  • Passport and driving licence renewals
  • Resident and non-resident tax returns
  • Registration of births & deaths and assistance with arrangements
  • License for Potencially Dangerous Dogs
  • Getting married in Spain with EU or non EU citizens
  • Business Start ups (for self traders or setting up Ltd.)
  • Getting Spanish Nationality
  • Complete school enrollment for children
  • Complete all other formalities inherent to foreigners

NIE and Residencia forms

If you plan to stay in Spain for more than six months then you should apply directly for a form of “Residencia” or residency.

If you plan to stay in Spain for less than six months, then you should apply for an NIE number (Tax Identification Number) which is used for almost everything from signing for a parcel to buying a car. You cannot buy a house in Spain without one, nor get utilities such as a mobile phone, gas, electric or internet.

If you are Spain, you can get your NIE number within 2-3 days after contacting us.
We could also assist you to obtain your NIE number whilst you are abroad.

Spanish Law states that a legalises Power of Attorney document enables a person to be represented by another.

The said Power of Attorney should be stamped with the Hague Apostille. Once here, we can organized to be translated by a sworn traslated. Total cost would be quite lower than travelling to Spain!


The empadronamiento is the municipal administration record for every person who lives or is habitually resident in that municipality, and that data is proof of residence in the municipality. By law every person living in Spain is obliged to register with the municipality where you reside. You will need it to:

  • Apply for regularisation or residence permits and work
  • Apply for health care

Redeem your driving license in the event of any agreement with your country.

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